READ while travel…

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bare with me while I update my blog. Until then the below are some of my favourite easy reads when I travel.

Silver Flame- Susan Johnson silver flameOldie but a goodie and will get you though long summer and cold winter nights when sleep is nowhere in sight.
Skipping Christmas-John Grisham 

skipping christmas

yes yes, Christmas will be here soon (depends on when you're reading this) and this Grisham is so out of the box from what the author usually pens (Lawyer-y types) you simply must check it out. furthermore it is one hilarious piece o work). It was adapted into a major motion picture (Christmas with the Krantz) but if you are like me you will enjoy the full content of the book more than the water down movie adaptation.
Master of the Game- Sidney Sheldon Master_Of_The_Game

no reading recommendation list is completed without a Sheldon in the mix. This master storyteller will have you turning the pages until the very end in anticipation of just what will happen next).
A Wanted Man- Lee Child- a wanted man

If you grow tired of all the lovey dovey stuff and just want to hang with a boss former CIA badass one man problem solver Jack Reacher, then look no further than this book right here).
Wuthering Heights- Emily Bronte wuthering heights

If you're like me who's big on the classics, then try this dark can't eat, can't sleep without you type of romance. I read it every summer and every other time in between.
My Sister's Keeper- Jody Picoult my-sisters-keeper-lg

That book that makes you cry because it's so touching and full of themes on humanity you just wanna go out and donate some blood.

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