The year of YES- Shonda Rhimes

This book has been on my MUST READ booklist since publication year 2015. I must confess, I have not always been a fan of non-fictions. In fact 2018 is the year I started to venture out heavily into non-fiction and especially autobiographies and I have not regretted it. There's just something about someone sharing insecurities, …

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We’re going to need more wine- Gabrielle Union

I knew Gabriel Union from 'Bring it on' and 'Deliver us from Eva' long before I knew her between the pages of a book with a wine title which by the way is not mentioned in the book. hmmmm. Aaand- when I say 'knew her' I mean from my TV scene, you know in case …

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BLOG HIATUS & Yea! NaNoWriMo/ NaNoBloMo

Everyone! I have been neglecting my space for so long. I have been reading non-sop, that's the not the problem. Problem is, every time I decided that I should write I felt as if I am doing a book some type of injustice, so, I stop. The result, 19 Drafts and no update since August. …

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