Dreams from my father- Barack Obama

I took some time in writing this review in fear that I would not be able to express fully and deeply how I felt about this book. I was afraid that in describing my opinion it would just be viewed as something someone else had already said about it or if I was to voice …

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The Cutting Season- Attica Locke

      I'm about 3 months late in posting my thoughts about this book and that's because that's how long it took me to read it. This is one of those book that you have to persevere. I've read 3 other books while I was trying to read this and only went back to …

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A Thousand Splendid Suns- Khaled Hosseini

  A poignant story about two Afghan women with very different upbringing but whose path collided inevitably during the war years of first Afghanistan after the soviet departed and Al Qaeda. The book ended right at the Taliban reign.  Miriam and Laila stories will move you to tears. The suffering of these women in a …

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