Dreams from my father- Barack Obama

I took some time in writing this review in fear that I would not be able to express fully and deeply how I felt about this book. I was afraid that in describing my opinion it would just be viewed as something someone else had already said about it or if I was to voice …

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The Perfect Husband- Lisa Gardner

Eerily sinister. The most apt description for this one. Imagine finding out your'e married to someone leading a double life. Now imagine that double life is him slicing and dicing attractive women with features like your own😲. Oh no, it gets even more horrific. You are married to a serial killer who escaped from prison …

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HELLO JUNE! The ‘who are you? Edition

Day planner once again activated...(Paulo Coelho-Freedom) Unlimited free time... Pondering...endless possibilities... 'where' 'next'  'how'... June... In primary school it was what I used to countdown the beginning of summer days to be spent at the river diving off rocks into the deepest 'blue hole' we could find upstream or going to mango bush with my …

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